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    LISTEN: HIPS Drops Groovy New Single “Laugh”

    In 1996 in the suburbs of Stockholm, a young boy was gifted a brand new Sony Walkman by his parents as a birthday present. It took them two jobs each and a year to afford. The boy was hooked on the feeling it gave him. As the years went by, he switched to a Minidisc, to a CD player, to an MP3 player. The feeling he had listening to music as a young boy was long gone but as he grew, he’d always remember the sound of his first Walkman.

    As the boy grew up and prepared to move out of his parents’ house, he found a cardboard box filled with stuff from his childhood – the old Walkman. He started thinking about why music didn’t hit him with that same feeling anymore. After a deep dive into the library and some researching on the subject, he discovered a science paper on a forgotten precious metal called Hipadium. Together with his friends, they went out on a mission to collect all the Hipadium they could find and melt it into their own instruments and drum machines. The liquid metal Hipadium lives in electric circuits in their instruments. It feeds off electricity and sends funky, vibey signals out to the world through their inhabited synthesizers, speakers, amplifiers and drum machines.

    The members of Hips are a team of friends in search of more Hipadium. With the help of a handheld device called “SAUSS DTCTR 6000” and old blueprints of circuit boards, they travel to different electronic wastelands to find the precious metal. 

    With support already coming from the likes of RED BULL, THE LINE OF BEST FIT and EARMILK, Hips come through as a sun-filled, curiously grooved-out prospect with their new release “Laugh” – a gorgeous, woozy instrumental that showcases a plainly talented vocal. It’s infectious. Get ready to hear much more from this rising act: there’s Hipadium to be found everywhere they’re found.


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