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    Lil Durk, Chief Wuk Roll Up In “Turkey Season” Visual

    One thing about Lil Durk is he is always going to put his homies on no matter what. zinc achieving superstar status as a rapper the Grammy Nominated artist, has recruited his Only The Family brother Chief Wuk, Durk and OTF for his new “Turkey Season” music video. Produced by the all-star team of ATL Jacob, TM88, and TooDope, “Turkey Season” is an energetic banger that mixes the expansive sound of ATL trap with the ominous vibes of Chicago drill.

    The beat is the perfect set up for Chief Wuk and Lil Durk who candidly trade verses over high end  ad-libs. Their back and forth banter makes for a unique listening experience for music lovers worldwide. Celebrating their lucrative business deals while celebrating their fallen OTF member King Von the Chicago rap scene is on another level.

    Directed by Crownsoheavy, the video is a comedic snapshot into the pre-fame life of Lil Durk, as he and Wuk stumble upon an unsecured truck packed with bags of chronic and take off with the product before the driver can stop them.

    “Turkey Season” is the latest video from Loyal Bros, the OTF label compilation mixtape which debuted in the top 20 of the Billboard 200 upon its release in March, following the luxurious clip for the tape’s opening track “JUMP.” Exploring the kinship forged by the hardship of growing up in the trenches, Loyal Bros showcases the talents of Durk and his label signees, who always make music with the streets in mind.

    The new 23-track tape is home to several new songs by Lil Durk, plus posthumous appearances from King Von, emotionally impactful turns from Booka600, snarling street missives from Memo600, and contributions from fellow OTF signees like Timo, Doodie Lo, JusBlow600, THF Zoo, and C3. In addition to OTF’s talented roster, Loyal Bros welcomes several high profile guests, including Lil Uzi Vert (who connects with Memo600 for the standout track “Let It Blow,” Durk’s frequent collaborator Tee Grizzley (who has his own solo track on the project), and The New 1017 standout Foogiano.

    Press play below to stream OTF and Lil Durk’s new “Turkey Season” visual below.

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