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    Justin Bieber & Soulja Boy Tease A Potential Collaboration

    Amid sexual allegations, Soulja Boy has seemingly kept up appearances in the entertainment industry. The “Crank That” superstar rapper has been low-key working odd-end jobs, such as his soap-making business venture. More importantly, he might be coming out with a new track.

    Though, the rapper won’t be releasing a new track with just anyone. Recently, a photo of surfaced of the “Kiss You Thru The Phone” emcee and Justine Bieber working in the studio together. Sources say that the rapper and singer have come together to tease a potential collaboration.

                          Soulja Boy’s Lack Of Success

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    Releasing new music can sometimes prove difficult. Nicki Minaj, for instance, admitted she had writer’s block when creating new tracks for her rereleased 2009 mixtape. Fans always expect artists to grow with their music. Even their snippets or tease need to entice listeners. While some artists struggle with evolving in their music, others adapt and thrive.

    Soulja Boy has evolved numerous times since his hit song “Crank That” hit the radio airways. However, he’s reached little to no success since the song’s release. Despite his latest song “She Make It Clap” reaching thousands of views, the song still doesn’t measure up. Though, Soulja Boy’s luck might just change for the better.

                     Two Icons Tease A Potential Collab

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    Recently, Soulja Boy and Justin Bieber took to Instagram to post photos of them working in the studio together. More importantly, the photo surfaced as an attempt to tease a potential collaboration. Furthermore, Soulja Boy sported long braids, while Bieber wore his controversial blonde locs. The two exchanged shout outs over social media, basking in their bromance. “My bro forever @justinbieber,” Soulja Boy wrote in the captions of his photo. “Love you bro @souljaboy,” Justin Bieber wrote back. Could these two act anymore like besties?


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