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    Jones: HypeFresh Highlights Artist From L.O.U.D Press Junket

    HypeFresh Highlights Jones

    Who is Jones?

    Jones: This may sound a little corny or cliche to somebody, but Jones is passion, pain and pleasure. Jones is happiness, Jones is anger, Jones is everything. Music is life.

    Tell us about your artistry?

    J: People often ask me, what kind of art do you do, or what kind of artist are you? The only honest answer I can give them is life music. I want to genuinely have a song for every feeling you may have. That’s why I say that I’m passion, pain and pleasure—I want write something for all of those moments. When you’re feeling some type of way, you know that you can always circle back to me.

    Do you have any projects out right now?

    J: I was waiting on you to ask, girl! So, it’s all abut Mamacita right now. She is the one, I am so happy and proud of that song. It was a labor of love getting it out. We dropped the video—it’s one best numbers I’ve ever done musically.

    What’s in store for you in  the future?

    J: What’s in store for Jones? Man, more music, more life, more events, more press, all of this. Everything I can do to help move myself forward and help uplift the people that support me along the way. So, that means whatever I gotta do to make sure that you are on the rise too, I’m with it.

    How can everyone find you?

    J: You can follow me on all platforms at @ineedjonesnow

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