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    Jones Cruipy – “Pharmacy”

    Belgian artist Jones Cruipy drops a trippy visual for his newest single “Pharmacy”, which comes from his EP Trapistan.

    Click the link to watch this video if you’re on our Apple News channel:

    The video which features neon lights, beautiful models, drugs, beats and foreign lyrics (if you’re American) is playful and bouncy. This record has an amazingly great feel, and the visuals that support it boost its listening potential. Already dropping 3 other singles off Trapistan ( Gang Zone , VFLM , J’Sais Pas ) Pharmacy serves as his fourth entry.

    The record is in total Belgian, but if you’re a true Hip-Hop/Trap fan, you won’t care about that. The vibes will be enough to catch your attention for three mins. Check out the video above!

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