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    Jodii Bixx: HypeFresh Highlights Artist From L.O.U.D Radio Junket

    Jodii Bixx, from the L.O.U.D Muzik press junket walked past our table rocking his ice and a red lieutenant beret slides over to HypeFresh’s table. To complement his hat, he wears red matching jeans and the jacket, suave. Jodii stops by our table to offer us some of his time for a quick interview.

    HypeFresh Highlights Jodii Bixx

    Who is Jodii Bixx?

    Jodi Bixx: He is one of the greatest contributor to music. I’m something like a Rock and Roll gangster, I’m a Star Lord. I’m something like one of the greatest, I’m something like the G.O.A.T.  I hate to brag, but I have to. I stand on that. I”m a modest guy. I come from humble beginnings. My grandmother would always say, “No matter how big ya head gets, you still gotta slow it down.”

    Tell us about your artistry.

    JB: My artistry is a bit of Rock and Roll gangster mixed with Funkadelics. I look at myself as like a new pioneer to an entire genre. I call it Audio Smoke. Audio Smoke is like, you take a caption, you take a picture out of 1973, and then you flip it and remix it. I got samples from Willie Hutch, Bobby Womack, to Johnnie Taylor. I mean all the greats. What my record label is, we’re really trying to make a whole sound, a whole frequency, a whole movement. Just really to get people aware of sounds and and how it heals the soul. Really my music is just that soul music being reinvented twice over. You know it’s really never duplicated.

    Do you have any project out right now?

    JB: Yes, I have two projects coming out. With these two projects, I’ve got a single that called, The Fields, and one called, Solo. I’m solo, but I have a heart full of gold. I’ve got about six more projects. I got a sneaker coming out, I’ve got a book coming out, my own fragrance coming out.

    What’s your social media?

    My ig is @jodiibixx, you can follow on Twitter, Spotify—I’m even going to be on Hulu soon, in your grandma’s kitchen. All that.

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