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    Joan Dropped New Music Video For Their “Flowers” Single

    Emerging Central America duo Joan recently released a new single titled “Flowers,” which is a follow-up to their previous release, “don’t wanna be your friend.” That showcases the duo’s brilliant way of creating authentic pop music full of uplifting tunes that appeal to many listeners to dig deeper into their world of creativity.

    “Flowers” is the second single released by the stunning duo, which evolved into one of their favorites. “Flowers” features colorful synths over wistful acoustic guitar riffs under cinematic synths and a sing-along-worthy chorus. The song describes the all-too-relatable feeling that time passes swiftly, causing people to grow and change entirely.

    Having accumulated a massive amount of streams on Spotify, Joan’s blend of pop eras and self-sustaining aesthetic connection with their fanbase has resulted in an international sensation. With the growth in their artistry being in full bloom, they have ensured that every single song they give us is appreciated to the fullest.

    Stream “Flowers” on Spotify

    Connect with Joan: Spotify | Instagram

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