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    Jayland Walker Shot 60 Times By Police Laid To Rest

    Jayland Walker Laid to Rest

    Jayland Walker is name you’ve probably seen trending these last few weeks. His funeral was held Wednesday in Akron Ohio, only a few blocks from where he was murdered. Adding to the continuously growing list of Black deaths at the hands of police, Jayland was shot over 60 times. At the request of his family, he was given an open casket service as proof of his unlawful death.

    Jayland Walker Shot by Akron Police

    On June 27, Jayland was shot over 60 times by police during a traffic stop. Officials stated Jayland had a gun as he ran away during the stop. For this reason officers fired more than 90 bullets at Jayland. As more evidence emerges, statements show no gun was ever located at the scene. Other documents also state Jayland Walker was in handcuffs as his body arrived at the corner’s office. Reports show Jayland’s body was riddled with bullets covering his ankles, torso and both sides of his cheeks. Police released a body cam video detailing the incident to the public.

    Police Shootings are Still Happening

    Jayland’s murder is the latest case to bring attention on police shootings towards people of color. Since 2021 nearly 1,431 people have been killed by the police. Unfortunately black people make up for 22% of that total. With Black people only accounting for 13% of the population, it’s concerning how high that number is. Protests have ignited everywhere with the recent shootings of Jacob Blake and George Floyd urging law enforcement to make changes.

    How are we as a nation expected to move forward if we are constantly ignoring a major issue ? Police departments are rarely if ever charged with any crime after committing a shooting. A suspension, desk duty or a payout has become the quick solution to a never ending battle on the innocent lives of Black people.

    What Happens Next for Jayland Walker

    As the family continues mourning the shooting death of Walker, the fight for his justice has just begun. To date, no officers have been charged or held accountable for Jayland’s murder. Although, video evidence released by Akron Police Department detail the tragic incident no charges have been filed. Despite the difficult around prosecuting law enforcement, hope remains that justice will be served for Jayland Walker.

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