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    Jacksonville’s BabyK Osama Releases Music Video For ‘Ticket’

    Jacksonville rap is going to have a big 2023! After coming off an amazing 2022, and the emergence of artists like Yungeen Ace, Nardo Wick, and Foolio, the city is slowly transforming into a musical hot spot. I think everyone gravitates toward their sound because a lot of them really live their raps. Watch out because Baby K Osama’s “Ticket” proves that he’s not here to play.

    Florida Trenches

    Who would’ve thought they were getting active like that in Florida? When I think of Florida, I think of palm trees and clubbing, not weekly shootouts. People don’t talk about how important rap music is to the culture. It’s truly a reflection of the times. It’s just like when Chief Keef and drill music shed light on the “War on Chiraq”. Jacksonville music is being acknowledged for the wrong reasons. I don’t think people from other states realize that real lives were lost behind their songs.

    Even though their music is violent, I can’t take away how good it is. One rapper out of Jacksonville that has recently caught my attention is BabyK Osama. While he may be young as hell at only 19 years old, his music packs a big punch. When you listen, he makes you feel like you are there with him, by painting a vivid picture with his vicious lyrics.

    Humble Beginnings

    He got his start with music while incarcerated. The worst of times inspired him to write some of his biggest hits, like “Michael Phelps’ Son“. Recently, he blessed the streets with a new song titled “Ticket”.

    All of a sudden, it feels like Jacksonville might have their next star. If you can get past the violent lyrics, and under all of that, he’s a talented lyricist. While some may think his lyrics are full of negativity, behind it all is a talented artist.

    Follow BabyK Osama on Instagram. Listen to BabyK Osama’s “Ticket” below.

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