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    Jackboy Marley Is Releasing His Latest EP, “Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboros Effect,” On April 29th

    Hip Hop artist and Texas native Jackboy Marley is ready to reach new heights and expand his horizons with his latest project release, “ Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboros Effect.” Jackboy Marley began diving into music at the age of 20 and has since been focused on his career and creative development. He has spent much time exploring, developing, and strengthening his craft and is excited to share his latest creations with the world.
    Marley isn’t new to the music industry as he was previously in a Hip Hop group called the New Era Jackboys since he was 22 years old. At the age of 26, Marley disbanded from the group and set out to continue pursuing music in the form of a solo career. Marley is inspired by a variety of styles and artists such as Queen, Marilyn Manson, Lil’ Wayne, Tupac, and UGK, finding value in having a wide range of influences. He enjoys conglomerating a variety of genres and music styles to formulate something unique and refreshing for audiences to hear, striving to change the way the average listener may consume music in today’s world.

    Marley prefers to have his catalog, his work quality and ethic, and his authenticity be recognized more than anything else. Writing and creating what feels the most authentic to him, his goal is to create for the longevity of his career as well as create timeless art for audiences to enjoy for years to come. Though Marley writes his own music, he is not against organic collaboration, as he co-writes and creatively collaborates with producers from his label, such as Boye Kenyatta and Fido Wun. Working with incredibly talented musicians and producer/songwriters truly enhances the creative process.

    Currently, Jackboy Marley is preparing to release his latest EP, “ Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboros Effect,” on April 29th, 2022. His first two singles from the project, ‘Let Us Prey’ and ‘How I’m Movin’ are set to be released for streaming in the near future. All of Jackboy Marley’s previous mixtapes and albums are available to stream on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music.


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    Instagram: @jackboymarley

    Youtube: Jackboy Marley

    TikTok: @jackboymarleyne

    Twitter: @MarleyHines

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