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    IAMSYDNEYB latest visual ‘Beautiful’ goes viral with 11Alive News

    Beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder.

    IAMSYDNEYB creates music from a supremely unique place within her soul. She identifies with rare elements of emotional evolution. Her music provides a psychological highway for Gen Z to travel with – it’s both intelligent and emotionally raw. With lyrics that are both introspective and socially conscious, IAMSYDNEYB’s music has the ability to connect with listeners on a deep, personal level.

    IAMSYDNEYB’s songwriting is vulnerable and introspective, as she bares her soul through her music. As a musician, IAMSYDNEYB is passionate about understanding human behavior. She expresses this through her music, making it relatable and tangible for her listeners.

    Her songs are anthems for the outcasts, the underdogs, and the misunderstood. They offer hope and comfort to those who feel like they are alone in the world. IAMSYDNEYB’s music is a light in the darkness, and it will continue to shine brightly for years to come.

    Her latest visual, ‘Beautiful‘ embodies the essence of self-love and care. Believing in and understanding the actual power of your beauty is priceless. Beauty can’t be placed in a box in life. Genuine beauty extends far beyond a person’s exterior physical characteristics. IAMSYDNEYB sends an ultra-clear message in her latest visual, ‘Beautiful’. Everyone should think, feel, believe, and be recognized as beautiful. The music visual has gone viral in Atlanta, Georgia. The local news station 11 Alive’ featured the video in their spotlight segment. Watch the news clip here


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