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    Hypefresh’s Uncut Gems Review

    Adam Sandler Makes His Return

    Adam Sandler has been starring in movies pretty much his entire life. He was originally known for playing a goofy, erratic, and funny guy. But this role does not necessarily age well. After finding large success in a number of comedies early in his career, Sandler took a hiatus from being in a decent film.

    One can’t really judge the guy he was probably making millions of dollars doing it. But Sandler was able to deliver quite a good performance in Uncut Gems. The movie follows Sandler’s character, a  jeweler attempting to pay his debts through high-stakes bets. The resulting chaos ends up being quite entertaining.

    Uncut Gems Review

    Sandler’s character is not an admirable person. He cheats on his wife, lies to most people he speaks with, and attempts to take advantage of others at any opportunity. It would seem he is always trying to get one over on people in every interaction he has. Every move he makes is calculated, but everyone seems to know this.

    Somehow his character is quite annoying but in a way still charismatic. Even though Sandler’s character is not the best person, you find yourself rooting for him. The main gamble of many that Sandler is attempting to profit from in this movie revolves around a gem that he wants to sell to Kevin Garnett.

    This might seem random but is pulled off quite well in the film. Garnett has a solid performance that is integral to the film. The plot is not completely fluid throughout this movie. A majority of the movie is fast-paced and keeps you on your toes. There is a solid combination of humor, action, and drama incorporated throughout the movie. To cap off all the action there is a thrilling and unexpected ending.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall Uncut Gems was a quality film. It was both original in content and presented intriguing material. Although this movie was pretty good I wouldn’t say it was anything too wild.

    It delivered in entertaining material but could have had a better-written plot. A 7.5 out of 10 would be a fair rating for this film. What are your guys’ thoughts though? Was this a valid Uncut Gems Review? Or was this movie worse than I described it to be?

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