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    How To Support BLM Without Protesting



    How To Support BLM Without Protesting

    With the Black Lives Matter movement being heavily active currently, the majority of what is seen in the media as a way to support is by protesting. However, it is understandable that not everyone can protest during this day due to COVID-19 still affecting people every day. There are many ways you can help support the movement right from your home. 

    Here are 5 ways you can help stand up for racial injustice and support the Black Lives Matter movement

    #1 Support black-owned businesses

    If you want to help at an individual level, supporting small and big black-owned businesses is the way to do just that. While buying something you need, you are supporting actual communities where injustice occurs. Many of these businesses now offer their products online, so you are supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and staying safe. 

    Click here to view our article about 5 black-owned businesses you can shop at now.

    #2 Sign Petitions

    There have been several petitions to get justice for victims of police brutality. By signing a petition, the signatures are getting the government representative’s attention. Their attention is needed to get change and justice for victims of racial injustice. 

    Here are a few petitions you can sign today: 

    #3 Donate to BLM organizations 

    If you have some extra dollars, consider donating to an organization that supports Black Lives Matter. Your money will go directly to help the movement and racial injustice. Some of the donations are used to support the victim’s family, bailout protesters who have been arrested, and support the wider Black Lives Matter movement.

    Here are a few organization you can donate to: 

    #4 Call Your Representatives 

    By contacting your representatives, you get to voice your opinion and get the issue more attention from your representative. Your representative needs to know what his community cares about, to know what he/she needs to change during their term. 

    Find your state’s representative here and contact them today. 

    #5 Spread Accurate Information 

    Even though the Black Lives Matter movement has been heavily seen in the media, there are still some people that don’t know what the movement is about. By researching and finding accurate information on your social media, it makes sure that the movement is still getting attention and people are being educated on what is happening. 

    #6 Donate Materials 

    With protests having upward for thousands of people, materials are needed to make sure that everyone stays safe. Some materials that are needed are face masks, hand sanitizer, and water. If you have extra resources you can drop them off at the protest’s location. 

    Did you do some of these things to support the movement? 

    Let us know in the comments. 

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