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    GTM Haze is Rising Above Adversity To Shape The Music Industry

    GTM Haze, an artist and entrepreneur hailing from Ohio but raised in Long Island, New York, has defied the odds and emerged as a shining star and force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His life’s path took him through the foster system, addiction, and incarceration, but through it all, he found solace in the art of music, using it as a channel to influence and motivate others for the better.

    GTM Haze’s music is very relatable and unique, as it resonates with numerous music fans and listeners. His lyrics touch on a wide range of topics, from personal struggles to the everyday challenges faced in the world around him. He always keeps fans on their toes for what to expect next. GTM Haze hopes that through his music, he is able to inspire others and demonstrate to them that no matter the hurdles you face, your dreams are always still possible.

    Thus far in his music career, GTM Haze has achieved quite a few accomplishments, none better than the recognition he received for his single “Dead People.” The 2022 release, featured on the EP “Straight Drop,” went on to chart at #70 for the Top 150 Independent Artists Worldwide on Digital Radio Tracker. A special feature, but GTM Haze doesn’t plan to stop there and is sure to see more accolades in the future.

    In the coming weeks, on July 14th, GTM Haze is scheduled to release his newest single, “Bonafide Hustler.” The song comes from a personal situation and lets it be known that the artist will continue to hustle with or without you. With a lack of loyalty often seen in today’s world, “Bonafide Hustler” will set a tone and be one of Haze’s best songs to date.

    In the meantime, be sure to check out GTM Haze’s latest release and music video on YouTube titled “Right Back,” directed by Ritchie4K & KingFLO and featuring Nykki Roja.


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