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    Folk-Alt-Indie Singer-Songwriter Julia Rapp Releases New Single “What He’s Been Missing”

    Julia Rapp, the acclaimed poet and singer-songwriter has released a new single titled “What He’s Been Missing.” The song features a blend of folk, alt, and indie sounds that showcase Julia’s unique musical style. The catchy chorus is delivered with a twang and touches on self-discovery and realizing one’s worth.

    Julia Rapp is known for her ability to capture raw emotions in her music, and “What He’s Been Missing” is no exception. With lyrics like “He doesn’t love you because he doesn’t know you, if he really knew you he’d know what he’s been missin,” the song explores the idea of not settling for less than what one deserves in a relationship.

    In addition to her musical talents, Julia is a Scorpio with an anxious-avoidant attachment style, and her love language is indie rock. She draws inspiration from her experiences and personal journey, infusing each of her songs with authenticity and vulnerability.

    “What He’s Been Missing” offers a delightful blend of folk, alt, and indie sounds, highlighting Julia’s distinct musical style for listeners to enjoy. The track is a testament to Julia’s ability to create music that is both relatable and inspiring.


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