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    Florida Artist Samantha Marie Discloses New Single “Through the Night”

    Samantha Marie’s recently released single, “Through the Night,” is a beautiful and heartfelt song about growing older, apologizing, and finding hope in the simple moments of life. The song is a part of her first-ever EP release, which showcases her immense talent as a singer and songwriter.

    Born and raised in a small beach town in southern Florida, Samantha Marie has always loved music and theater. However, her struggles with mental health issues, including an eating disorder, made it difficult for her to pursue her dreams of a music career. But with the help of a supportive community and her move to Los Angeles in 2021, Samantha Marie has overcome her fears and channeled her creativity into her music.

    With her talent, passion, and determination, Samantha Marie is a rising star in the music industry. In addition to her music, Samantha Marie is also a published author and photographer. Her upcoming book will delve into the influences behind her EP, showcasing her unique perspective on life and love.

    Stream “Through the Night” on Spotify 

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