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    FKA Twigs Uses Her Social Media For Activism

    Singer-songwriter FKA Twigs uses her Twitter to spread awareness about world problems. She acts as an activist and advocate for social change. Last week, she allowed SWARM to take over her Twitter to share their work.

    FKA Twigs is a strong activist for sex workers. She has worked on fundraisers for sex workers, specifically donating money to SWARM. SWARM is a grassroots sex worker-led collective that fights criminilisation, supports sex workers, and engages in solidarity across issues of justice. The word SWARM stands for Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement. During COVID-19, it is difficult for sex workers to recieve government assistsance such as unemployment, due to criminalization of their jobs. FKA Twigs stands for human rights during COVID-19.

    FKA Twigs also supports the Black Lives Matter movement and encourages followers to sign petitions and defund the police. FKA Twigs also stands for Migrant sex workers. She tweeted “We know from experience, if you’re Black, a POC, trans, a migrant or a sex worker you’ll bear the brunt of heavy-handed policing” encouraging followers to become involved with defunding.

    She also supports trans rights. FKA Twigs uses her platform to speak out about the current push against trans people across the UK.

    She is also an activist for homelessness. During the recent pandemic, many people have been evicted. She speaks out on social media to educate on how to stop homelessness from happening.

    Many individuals with a platform this large are not seen doing what FKA Twigs has been doing. It feels right to speak out about world problems if you have an audience, and that’s exactly what she is doing.

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