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    Fetty Wap Can’t Run From Jail Forever

    These days, Fetty Wap has been in and out the news for his issues with the law. Most recently, he’s had to deal with an interstate drug trafficking case since October 2021. The “Come My Way” rapper is facing a possible huge jail sentencing. While his court hearing has recently been postponed, he won’t be able to outrun his jail sentencing forever.

    Fetty Wap’s Drug Trafficking Case

    Fetty Wap has had a lot on his plate in the last few years. The new year, unfortunately, won’t be any different for the rapper, since he’s on his way to jail. Back in August of last year, the New Jersey star pleaded guilty to an interstate drug trafficking case back in 2021. 

    According to sources, he’ll likely spend five years in prison, possibly even more given the charges against him. Before then though, Fetty Wap was released on a $500K bond but a judge threw him right back in jail after he threatened someone’s life. Clearly, the guy has made some serious bad choices in his life. Potentially, he could face up to 40 years in prison. Unfortunately, all the money in the world or even a few viral hits can’t keep him from going to jail.

    He Can’t Run From Jail Forever

    When it comes to the law, there’s no running away from our bad deeds. Fetty Wap has one too many bad deeds to avoid going to jail. Recently, the “Sweet Yamz,” rapper was originally scheduled to have a sentencing on Jan. 18, 2023. However, judge Joanna Seybert postponed the hearings to March 9th. Even so, the rapper won’t be able to outrun his jail sentencing.

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