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    Evette Morales’ Deeper Look Into The ‘Face Behind the Dream’

    Many can find inspiration and relatability in Evette Morales’ story. She’s a young woman that wears many different “hats” and limits herself to no one thing ever. Morales’ mindset is very optimistic and refreshing as she goes into the year 2022. She emphasized that although it’s a new year, this is not a new version of her if anything this is an extended version of herself. As a proud New Jersey girl, she’s happy to say she was born in Hackensack. However, being raised in Woodridge, shaped her into who she is today.

    Morales has had an unorthodox journey to stardom. She graduated from Liberty University and began working in the medical field out of college, with a healthcare and informatics degree. She began her professional career working at the Hackensack University Medical center for 13 years. Morales later pursued the entertainment field, she began modeling at a later age than normal. However, she began competing, which led to her winning a competition that helped her gain credibility. She won the Lifestyle Model of the Year competition in 2016, ultimately, walking away with two agencies, one being for films and the other for commercials.

    Evette Morales finding opportunities in the strangest places

    The availability of Morales opened up after she left her full-time job. The jobs she was able to book whether hosting or modeling paid the same amount if not more than her regular nine to five job would have. From these opportunities many more opportunities presented themselves.

    “Transitioning from modeling and hosting was a leap of faith,” Morales explained during the interview. “She had a full-time job with benefits and just simply quit. I believed in myself and took that step it was frightening. However, I depended on myself and I wouldn’t have worked as hard if I had something to lean back on.”

    When COVID-19 struck the masses, in March of 2020, it became a hurdle for Morales to earn money. She was set for the whole year, completely being booked. However, the pandemic forced many of these opportunities to be taken away. As a host, her job became depleted, but this allowed her virtual opportunities.

    She hosted Comic-con in Los Angeles, which unexpectedly open many doors. The exposure brought her different film opportunities.

    “The beauty in the struggle, helped me understand that there’s never a bad situation,” Morales said. “I was gifted interviews, with Daddy Snow, and this gifted me opportunities with music, which later led me to the radio.”

    Morales transition from modeling to radio

    Morales understands that there are different styles of entertainment. However, she admits that the transitioning from hosting and modeling into radio was a slight challenge. Being on the radio has helped Evette garner her interviewing skills and on-camera skills going forward. She’s utilized some of the techniques she learned from radio had implemented them when she’s conducting her own interviews.

    “They loved how vibrant my energy and personality was and he believed I can be an asset on the radio to formulate another opinion that will resonate with another demographic.”

    Morales conducts many of her interviews on her platform, Face Behind the Dream. The Face Behind the Dream was initially started by Evette Morales, to give other people the platform to inspire others by telling their stories.

    Behind ‘Face Behind the Dream’

    Many athletes take different journeys to get to their destinations. In sports, there is no proper drawn-out way how to reach one’s goals. Tons of former and current athletes that she interviews on her show often have some form of trials and tribulations that they overcame on their journey. However,  Morales encourages these unique stories. In fact, Morales is very welcoming of these stories.

    She finds these stories beneficial because it helps bring out a side of herself she really enjoys. These stories emphasize have power and are relatable for many athletes around the world. Therefore, she can help mold and change the world one interview at a time.

    “People have their own lives and their own passions,” Morales emphasizes. “They can draw out my passion for basketball through their story and I can relate to them. I find myself, saying ‘Oh I’ve seen that and felt that too’. This is what influences the drive of Face Behind the Dream.”


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