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    European Artist Big Vali Wants His Ex Back In “Pick Up The Phone”

    Nowadays it seems like everyone has dreams of becoming a huge rap artist. Newcomer Big Vali definitely thinks he has what it takes to become a rapper. Hailing from East Sussex and born of Kosovan and Albanian heritage, Big Vali’s career choice clearly differs from the norm. Though, that’s what makes the new artist so interesting.

    Furthermore, the European artist grew up listening to rap artists like 50 Cent and G Unit. Additionally, he has an affinity for UK music as well, especially after discovering rapper Giggs music. Though, Big Vali doesn’t just love one genre of music. He’s widely known for floating between musical styles and experimenting with new sounds all the time. Big Vali shifts between genres, going from Drill, Wave and back to traditional rap music. It’s never a dull moment with the East Sussex rapper.

    On top of experimenting with his sound, Big Vali has already released his debut EP Love or Money? Fortunately, the fans seem to love his music as he’s reached over thousands of views with the help of his singles “Weekends” and “We Got It.” Clearly, Big Vali is worth all the hype.

    Recently, the rapper returned to the rap scene with his next single “Pick Up The Phone.” Combining sounds together to produce one catchy track, Big Vali still has feelings for his ex. 

    He Really Wants His Ex Back

    Some artists just know how to connect with their audience. Big Vali’s “Pick Up The Phone” definitely speaks to the woes of relationships. We’ve all been there, wishing for our exes to come back into our lives. Furthermore, the song finds Big Vali especially eager to hear from his ex. A relatable track with a catchy rap flow, “Pick Up The Phone” brings something innovative to the table. Additionally, the sound combo which consists of a guitar note, a sneaky saxophone, Afroswing and Reggaeton just shows Big Vali’s love for versatility. Moreover, the music video especially shows off Vali’s playful storyline and artistic skills by producing engaging visuals. “Pick Up The Phone” comes just in time for summer, a time for love and heartbreak.

    Obviously, Big Vali can make catchy tunes that resonate with audiences. At the same time, he keeps his music upbeat and interesting. With already so many views and a few great tracks, it’s clear the rap artist is going places. Be sure to check out the new music video “Pick Up The Phone” and listen to more music by Big Vali.



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