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    Eric André Sustains Surrealism After Being Racially Profiled, Sues GA Police

    Eric André has been a menace to a society that horrifies people like him. Eric might be a terror, but he’s a good citizen. Now, he’s giving back to his people in a big way. Recently, André announced that he is suing police in Georgia along with fellow comedian Clayton English for being racially profiled at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

    André and English both reported incidents involving suspected racial profiling and what has been named the “consensual stop”. The lawsuit alleges the police were searching people of color, especially Black people, in order to make money. This is supported by the fact that the Georgia police have only made one airport arrest since enforcement of said searches began.

    A History of Activism

    Eric André has been making socially-conscious jokes for his entire career. He told The Last Laugh Podcast back in 2020 that the police brutality joke, which was recently featured on his Netflix special, has been part of his act for as long as Eric himself has been a comic.
    In the same podcast, André talked about how misunderstood his young fans are. Yes, they are craving social justice from their entertainment; but they also share a dark and twisted sensibility. Kids want their entertainers to be just as (if not more) polarizing and outrageous as compared to their world leaders.
    During his interview with Spice Girl, Mel B, Eric André’s questioning turned political. YouTube channel The Take cited the interview in a recent video exploring modern day feminism as a good example of the self-absorbed nature of the feminist movement in the past, and the cynicism displayed by members of Gen-Z as a result. This doom-and-gloom attitude is understandable, but The Take is arguing that real social change actually requires optimism! The only way to get social movements to become more inclusive is by believing in the power of selflessness.

    Eric André on Racism

    Comedians like André being at such serious events showcase how extremely unfunny world affairs are quickly becoming. Talk about bombing!


    1. Whose payroll is this guy on?
      Craving social justice from entertainment?
      Does the tail wag the dog?

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