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    Sixers Embiid Better Suck It Up… Jimmy Fucking Ballin!

    After the creation of the Big 3 in Miami, we’ve seen the evolution of the NBA shift dramatically.

    The aftermath of one of the most dynamic teams put together is seeing multiple Superstars on one team.

    However,  Golden State hasn’t been the sharpest tool in the shed. Despite not being at the top of the conference they are still the favorite to win it all.

    With LeBron shifting to the West, the Eastern conference is now up for grabs. Originally what to be the Celtics conference has now changed with trades.

    The arrival of Kawhii Leonard to the Raptors has placed them in a place of power. Jimmy Butler shipped to the Sixers has shifted made them into true contenders.

    Philly has been in the “Trust The Process” phase for years and now has the potential to go deep into the playoffs. However, it seems to be trouble in paradise with the Sixers.

    With Butler now being the firepower in the offense, a certain player is not too thrilled with his change. That would be none other than the Sixer’s All-Star Joel Embiid.

    News broke earlier this morning that now Embiid is frustrated with spacing and his contribution to the offense.

    Embiid, yall on the road to winning don’t start your shit now!!! suck it up!! What are your thoughts, should Joel Embiid cool out our should he press the issue?? Leave your comments below!!


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