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    Mac Miller Dealer Pleads Guilty To 17 Years For Rapper’s Death

    Mac Miller’s Dealer Pleads Guilty 

    The loss that shocked the world as he died at a young age, Mac Miller’s overdose case has some new information.

    One of the three men charged in connection to Miller’s overdose pleaded guilty to giving out fentanyl-laced pills that caused the rapper to pass away back in 2018. On Monday, Oct. 25, the court released that the dealer, Stephen Andrew Walter, has pleaded guilty and accepted the 17-years prison sentence.

    The 26-year-old rapper had finished up his latest album, Swimming, and was soon to go on tour. Miller was very open about his struggles with addiction, and unfortunately, now that addiction ended his life.

    Walter admitted to “knowingly and intentionally,” supplying the drugs, as a part of his plea deal. He explained that the medicines that were given to Miller contained fentanyl or other federally controlled substances.

    What’s Going To Happen? 

    Two other men were arrested, Cameron Petit and Ryan Reavis, have been charged, and the trial is set to begin for Walter’s plea in November. Until the court accepts his plea, Walter may still be a part of the trial with the other two men involving severe charges which may even result in death.

    “The new charges take out the death allegation,” Walter’s lawyer William S. Harris tells Rolling Stone. “If he accepts it, there will be no power to sentence my client or more. If he rejects it, there’s no deal.”

    Will The Court Accept? 

    According to the plea agreement, it is stated that Miller’s death resulted from the presence of fentanyl in the pill.

    Walter will face a 20-year maximum sentence and up to a $1 million fine. Now all the world can do is sit, wait, and hear if the verdict is in Walter’s favor.

    Will there be justice for Mac Miller?

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