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    Dive In Deeper To Rapper Zelly Ocho’s Single “Duces”

    New Rapper Alert! 

    Introducing Denzel Young, better known as the rapper Zelly Ocho. The recording artist is from Cleveland, Ohio, and has been grinding since the age of sixteen. Ocho is known for his beats and hard work ethic. 

    Ocho has released an endless list of mixtapes and singles that truly showcase his gift. While getting to work in collaborations with 16yrold and continues to work harder than ever to give fans something new. 

    HypeFresh Magazine would like to give a song review to one of his latest singles, “Duces.” The single came out in November and here’s what to expect. 

    “Duces” Out Now

    The Proud of Insanity star’s single is what fans should be blasting in their cars. The song, “Duces” is upbeat and has one’s friends calling it the next hit. One could even say the style is a bit similar to Travis Scott, with the mixing of fusions of traditional hip-hop and ambient. 

    The chorus starts, “Can’t even call my phone, I don’t even f*** with y’all,” and after fans are taken on a true hit single. The artist’s voice is a bit autotune and has a style to it that is like Lil Uzi Vert. Similar in ways from how Ocho delivers his lyrics from the style to effect in how it comes in the song. 

    In the song Ocho says, “…right or wrong. Who the f*** gon’ ride? Man I gotta know. These days ain’t the same, had to let you know. They switched up, they mad.” The Cleveland native does a great way of portraying what he says in each of his lyrics and over time realizes he has himself. In at times, that’s all one needs at the end of the day. Just like the chorus says, “Can’t even call my phone, I don’t even f*** with y’all.”  

    Check out the single on Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify.

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