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    Derek Chauvin’s Trial Continues

    The George Floyd case from 2020 led to nation-wide BLM protests. Additionally, documentaries and short films have addressed the injustice that surrounds George Floyd’s murder. Now after months of waiting, Floyd’s family may be finally receiving justice. Former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin has been charged in George Floyd’s case. The time for justice nears closer as Derek Chauvin’s trail comes to a close.

    Derek Chauvin’s Trial Progresses

    derek chauvin's trial
    via KSTP-TV

    After what seems like years, Derek Chauvin’s trial finally nears a verdict. The court has spent 13 emotional and tension-filled days disputing the former officer’s charge in Floyd’s death. Furthermore, the attorneys representing Chauvin and Floyd’s family gave their concluding arguments on Monday.

    Prosecutor Steve Schleicher showed video footage taken at the time of Floyd’s death. The clip displayed Chauvin pressing his knee directly into Floyd’s neck for more than 9 minutes. Schleicher deemed the act as a homicide, noting at Chauvin’s “indifference” toward Floyd’s pleas for help.

    On the opposing side, Defense Attorney Eric Nelson argued that the state hasn’t identified George Floyd’s exact cause of death. Furthermore, Nelson believes other preexisting conditions led to Floyd’s death, such as his Heart Disease and drug use. In a seemingly tone-death statement, Nelson called Floyd’s death “tragic” but assured jurors Chauvin did his job accordingly. Though, Nelson’s arguments fell on a moot point as no one bought his argument.

        The Former Minneapolis Cop Faces Murder Charges

    derek chauvin's trial
    via ABC7 News

    Despite Defense Attorney Eric Nelson’s attempts to argue Chauvin’s case, the court has seemingly already mandated a decision. Moreover, Derek Chauvin has been charged with second-degree murder, third degree-murder and second-degree manslaughter. Not surprisingly, the former cop pled not guilty. Luckily, the Minneapolis officer won’t be the only cop going down. Three other officers involved in Floyd’s death will be charged with aiding and abetting. Hopefully, the Derek Chauvin trail verdict will reach the conclusion we’ve all been hoping for.

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