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    Deadly stabbing attack in the UK

    Deadly stabbing attack in the UK

    U.K. Declares Stabbing at a Reading Park a 'Terrorist Incident ...Over the weekend, on Sunday, there was a stabbing attack in a city called Reading. Reading is about 40 miles west of London. This attack left 3 people being injured and 3 dead. The UK police are taking this incident very seriously and are considering this a terrorist incident.

    The details of the attack

    The stabbing attack happened on Sunday evening in a public park. Earlier that day in the same park there was an incident regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. However, chief U.K. counter-terrorism officer Neil Basu determined that the stabbing attack was not connected to the movement.

    An eyewitness, Lawrence Wort, said the following about how the attack got started: “That people were relaxing and enjoying the sun when he heard a man shouting and yelling. The man began to approach people in the park, and started to stab people in the neck and under the arms, and attacked multiple people in this way”

    The victims were randomly attacked and the attacker did not have a direct agenda for his victims.

    The police have a suspect in custody, Khairi Saadallah, he was part of the Libyan national. The police decided to take time to interrogate Saadallah and decided that a factor to the attack was mental health. The police still decided to declare the incident as a terrorist incident.

    What does the Police have to say

    After the incident, Chief Constable John Campbell of Thames Valley Police made a public announcement regarding the attack, and he had the following to say:

    “We are saddened by what happened last night. It was a tragic incident, and our thoughts are with everyone affected. While such incidents are rare, we understand that this brings little comfort to those involved and causes concern in our community.”

    “If you have any video footage, please get in touch with us. Please avoid sharing this footage on social media out of respect for the deceased, injured, and their families. Sharing it can be extremely distressing.”



    “We would like to hear from anyone who has video footage. Out of respect for those deceased and injured, along with their loved ones, please do not circulate this footage on social media — this will be incredibly distressing.”

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also spoke out about the situation as well and said the following:

    “I am appalled and disgusted that people should lose their lives in this way and our thoughts are very much with the families and friends of the victims today”

    Prime Minister Johnson also thanked the police involved in deescalating the situation, saying “Expressed gratitude to him and his officers for their bravery in confronting the suspect.”

    What do you think of the incident that happened in the U.K recently?

    Let us know in the comments.

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