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    Dave East Arrested In New York For Drugs And More!

    Dave East was arrested early Friday morning in Queens NY.

    Dave east shared footage of himself being arrested on his Instagram account Friday morning. Sources confirm the rapper was arrested after police pulled over a vehicle he was a passenger in.

    According to a local news station, 31-year old East was in a vehicle that failed to signal a turn near Queensbridge houses. Police say the driver of the car was compliant, but Dave and another passenger weren’t.

    When the cops finally did search the car, they found nearly a dozen bags of weed in the car. Dave and the other passenger were taken to the 114th precinct and released with summonses. Dave East received a summon for both possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct.

    In the video East shared to his page, onlookers can be heard saying ” that just harassment man”. One woman who appears to have come from inside the same SUV as the rapper is clearly pleading with police not to arrest him.

    SHOOTER 🌎 (@daveeast) on

    The rapper himself calmly tells the cops “I’m not fighting, I’m not fighting. Lock me up.”

    According to Dave East’s lawyer, this incident should be nothing more than a citation from the city.  Stacey Richman told TMZ. “I don’t perceive that this will result in a criminal conviction, because it does not appear that Dave has been charged with a crime. Under New York law, disorderly conduct and unlawful possession of marijuana are violations — not crimes.”

    While that may be true, it would be ignorant if we didn’t acknowledge the elephant in the room.

    Black people are still inconvenienced by police for weed, while white people are making billions of its legalization.

    Dave East being arrested is another example of the prejudice this country has when it comes to marijuana and race. Dave east should not be in the news because a vehicle he was traveling in had a driver who doesn’t like turn signals. Even more, the fact that police even tried to use the excuse of “smelling weed” as reasoning is further proof. That same police officer would probably see a group of white kids smoking and think “kids be kids”. However, they could see a group of black kids doing the same thing and think “Thug”.  That’s because most Americans visualize the term “drug-dealer” as a young black boy with no morals. Yet the reality is that the real drug dealers own companies with cannabis in the name, or they have a Ph.D. next to their name.

    What do you guys think about Dave East being arrested? Was it justified or another example of racial profiling?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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