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    Cam The Artisan Redefines Happiness w/ “HUES”

    In his debut project titled “HUES,” Cam The Artisan delivers an honest, personal reflection about the complexities of being a rising star in Atlanta’s music scene.

    With songs like “Bliss,” “SadderDays” and “Worth It”; Cam delivers strong tones of emotional openness that brings listeners into his realm.

    The LP’s lead single “Bliss” has over 600k streams on Spotify, and has redefined the essence of what it means to pursue happiness. Furthermore, especially in today’s current “clout” era. Cam The Artisan is one of the more intriguing, unique talents of our generation. His first full-length project “HUES” marks an important first step towards a promising career in music.


    div>In addition, make sure to stream the 12-track effort now on all available platforms.

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