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    Boston Rapper Millyz Rises To The Top on “Die Clouted”

    Internet clout is one helluva drug. It’s probably more addicting than crack itself, especially in the rap community. Because of my age, I only remember so much pre-social media. But I wonder how a more experienced/seasoned hip-hop veteran feels about the concept of clout.

    Freestyle Killer

    Boston rapper Millyz has been around for a while now. He’s someone who’s seen some things in the rap game. One thing I admire about older artists like him is they understand the value of freestyle. Maturity and discipline go hand in hand, and for that very reason, he’s been murdering every freestyle possible. From his LA Leakers appearance, and The Come Up Show, Millyz has been on a crazy tear this year.

    Keeping the momentum going, the Massachusetts rapper recently released his new single, “Die Clouted”. In this song, we see him reflecting on his journey and how far he’s come. I think that’s one of the beauties of the music industry. There’s not one form of success in music. You can create a great legacy without stressing about finishing on top.

    Millyz’s tenure reminds me of Currensy. In every song, you count on him to bring a certain level of consistency, as if they’re unable to make an awful song. That’s how I feel Millyz approached this song while he was in the studio. None of his bars feel over-thought, but still finds time to get sentimental with listeners in doses.

    Doing It Big

    As dope as the song is, so is the accompanying music video for it. One word that best describes it is empowering. You get to feel like you were a part of the journey and witness the come-up. How does someone from Boston make it big in rap and now can be seen hanging with stars like G Herbo and Dave East? Both make appearances in this cinematic video.

    Millyz wouldn’t have a committed fanbase if it wasn’t for a crazy work ethic and heavy dedication. In return, he was given a committed fan base who will truly appreciate this track.

    Be sure to follow Millyz on Instagram below.

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