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    Blue Lives Might Matter More But Their Kids Lives Don’t

    Blue Lives Matter More Than Their Kids?

    Cops can think that blue lives matter more all they want, but their kids are killed by the same means as the other kids. In America, most people want their children to be safe. So, in the aftermath of the mass-murder of about two dozen government workers and school children, banning the highly-destructive weapon that the perpetrator used seems logical. These same blue lives need to come to the forefront of gun violence reform.

    Guns, Cars, and Murderers

    Guns are now the most common cause of death for children. In addition, deaths related to motor vehicles are now the second most common cause. Driving has gotten safer while gun violence has continued to escalate in America. Disproportionate news coverage suggests that banning assault weapons is what any caring parent would want. However, NPR reports that mass-shootings are not the main source for the statistics. In fact, children are most often harmed, maimed, or killed in one-on-one gun attacks. The fight for gun control is a difficult battle in the United States. It falls short of addressing disordered ideologies that perpetuate all sorts of violence.

    Obvious Solutions, Systemic Failure

    If Americans really wanted to end drunk driving, breathalyzers would automatically be included with every single car. Only a criminal would be able to drive drunk after finding a way around the mandatory breathalyzer. The reason why breathalyzers are not required is the same reason why gun violence is such a concern for some populations of Americans and not for others.

    In what way can blue lives be a force to change the unfortunate reality of gun violence?

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