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    Another Mass Shooting in California is Second Shooting in Three Days

    Following three days of one mass shooting after another in California, at least 18 people are now deceased and another 10 have been injured. The crimes were committed “just hundreds of miles apart”. The names of the victims in the first attack have since been made public.

    The Victims of Half Moon Bay

    • Mymy Nhan, 65
    • Lilian Li, 63
    • Xiujuan Yu, 57
    • Muoi Dai Ung, 67
    • Hongying Jian, 62
    • Yu Lun Kao, 72
    • Chia Ling Yau, 76
    • Valentino Marcos Alvero, 68
    • Wen Tau Yu, 64
    • Ming Wei Ma, 72
    • Diana Man Ling Tom, 70

    What Now?

    San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus emphasized the need for better support for victims and improved mental health services. She expressed her support for leaders working towards ending the widespread issue of gun violence.


    1. I wonder if “ending” this epidemic of gun violence involves the taking away of a citizen’s constitutional right to bear arms? You know… render “We the People” as ineffective, weak, and disempowered.
      Wake up: This epidemic was intentionally created…. it’s a thinning of the herd agenda, by any means necessary.

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