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    Amelia Wray Shares a Heartbreaking Pop Single Titled “Disappear”

    Emerging singer-songwriter and acclaimed actress from the Disney series Sydney to the Max Amelia Wray recently released a new single titled “Disappear.” This song shines more light on her vocals as she smoothly blends them into the well-produced instrumentation, which comes with an atmospheric feel incorporated into its soundscape.

    “Disappear” is a song that beautifully showcases emotive, soul-drenched vocals that resonate therapeutically well with anyone experiencing heartbreak. The emotional single soars seamlessly through delicate piano chords, punchy drum patterns, and soaring guitar lines flavored with contemporary and electro-pop elements.

    Amelia Wray is a brilliant artist with a beautiful ambition to only create music that feels good and brings authentic vibes. She aims to experiment musically and lyrically to connect to a broader audience.

    Stream “Disappear” on Spotify 

    Connect with Amelia Wray: Spotify | Instagram 

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