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    A Winter Storm Hits Houston Hard

    Most people thought the worst had passed once 2020 ended. However, everyone quickly changed their minds when one of the worst winter storms hit the city of Houston, TX. The winter storm hit Houston hard, leaving the city without water and heat, and even in darkness. Now the event has led to national concern from President Joe Biden.

                           A Storm Hits Houston Hard

    winter storm
    via ABC13

    For the last few days, the news has reported on the destruction left behind from Monday’s winter storm. While some states bounced back, others in the southern hemisphere suffered huge losses. The city of Houston, TX especially endured the worst of the storm.

    Several businesses, airports and even Covid-19 vaccine centers closed down on Monday due to worsening weather conditions. Traffic officials even begged drivers to avoid the roads given the extremely icy pavements. Not only did residents have to worry about the winter storm, but also the insanely below freezing temperatures.

    The temperatures dropped to a frightening 0F (-18Celcus) on Monday. According to BBC, the temperature reading is by far one of lowest temperatures the city has experienced in over 30 years.

    Making matters worse, Houston experienced a citywide power outage. Millions of people were left in the dark without heat or running water for several hours. During the statewide blackout, 24 people died from freezing to death and carbon monoxide poisoning. This winter hasn’t been a forgiving one.

    The Aftermath Of The Storm

    winter storm
    via ABC13

    The winter storm left plenty of havoc in its wake. Millions in Houston are still recovering from the terrorizing storm. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of resident’s power has been restored. Millions more still don’t have heat or running water.

    The aftermath has even led to new issues, such as the contamination of tap water. The situation became so dire, that it’s now a national concern. President Biden approved a state of emergency for Texas earlier this week. Soon after, the CDC issued a “boil water notice” for the city of Houston. The CDC and the Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner advised residents to boil or filter tap water to avoid consuming toxins in the tap water. Additionally, they advised residents to use bottled water, even for brushing teeth.

    Furthermore, the mayor of Houston has asked residents to reframe from leaving taps on. Turner tweeted that the city needs to conserve “supplies” for firehouses and hospitals. Additionally, Sylvester Turner announced that Churches and businesses were being used as “warming centers.” The Mayor predicts that in the next few days full power will be restored. Hopefully, by then the city can return to a sense of normalcy.

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