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    A Mother Of 6 Lost Her Life To Her Fiancé

    There’s always a chance that a love story can turn fatal. Unfortunately, a woman from West Philadelphia ended up in a toxic relationship that immediately turned horrific. Ashley Lockhart, a mother 6, was murdered by the man she thought she wanted to marry. Now Lockhart’s family has to pick up the pieces.

                 A Mother Lost Her Life To Her Fiancé

    via 6ABC

    On Saturday morning police discovered the body of Ashley Lockhart, a mother 6 girls, within in the confides of her Honda Odyssey minivan. The car was parked on the 5300rd block of Chestnut Streets in the University City neighborhood. Moreover, police found Lockhart covered in multiple stab wounds. These included ones to the neck, arms and face.

    Unfortunately, police revealed that Lockhart’s fiancé, Raymond Thompson, had murdered her. According to Philadelphia’s District Attorney’s Office, Lockhart had a restraining order against Thompson. To make things worse, the fiancé had been arrested multiple times before, starting from 2005, for serious assault charges. Clearly, the man wasn’t safe to be around. Police believe Thompson’s motive for stabbing Lockhart stemmed from his belief that she’d cheated on him. Talk about a love story that went wrong.

    Moreover, Thompson turned himself in just 45 minutes after police discovered Lockhart’s body. Recently, police charged Thompson with murder and put him behind bars without bail. He’s scheduled for a court hearing later in the week.

                Ashley Lockhart’s Family Left To Deal With The Aftermath Of Her Death

    via Yahoo News

    It’s not easy to deal with a family death. Ashley Lockhart’s family mourns deeply over their loss. Her cousin, Senior Pastor William Brownlee, shared during an interview on Good Day that the news had left him devastated. At the time, he’d just wrapped up an anti-violence event in Germantown.

    Currently, Brownlee has asked the city of Philadelphia to help Lockhart’s daughters, her “six charms,” to stay with their family. “I understand we are all mad at Raymond, but he’s still the father, the living parent that these kids have to grow up and one day face,” Brownlee said. The Senior Pastor hopes that for the sake of family there will one day be a time of healing and forgiveness. Additionally, Brownlee has set forth more plans to bring awareness for women trapped in an abusive relationship. Furthering his efforts, Lockhart’s cousin has asked the city to take more measures to ensure protection from domestic abuse. Hopefully, Brownlee’s requests don’t go unanswered by the city.

    Moreover, Lockhart’s family has set up a GoFundMe account to help support her daughters during this difficult time. Our hearts go out to the family. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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