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    German Rapper Refuses To Give Up After Losing Half His Brain

    Science has held the long belief that most people only use 10% of their brains. Though, what would a scientist say if a person could only use half of their brain? German rapper Niko Brenner, otherwise known as Dr. Knarf, found himself in a gas explosion that changed his life forever. The accident did permanent damage to his body, including the doctors removing a huge chunk of his brain. Despite the accident leaving much of his body impaired, the German rapper refuses to give up.

                 Dr. Knarf Can Use Only 40% Of His Brain

    via Nordkurier

    Dr. Knarf suffered from a horrific gas explosion accident in 2017 that left him with severe bodily burns. Furthermore, the rapper detailed that he cooked cannabis oil using butane gas. Unfortunately, things took a left turn when the bottles exploded from a spark plug from his refrigerator.

    Making matters worse, Dr. Knarf found himself covered in flames from the blast. The impact also sent him crashing through the window of his studio basement. Daily Mail reported that 40% of the rapper’s body was damaged, including his brain. Ultimately, doctors removed a large portion of the German rapper’s brain from the immense pain and pressure build up that developed from his injuries.

    However, Dr. Knarf’s troubles didn’t stop there. He’s endured a total of 50 surgeries to repair his brain. Additionally, he suffered several strokes and remains paralyzed on one side of his body. Due to all the surgical procedures and medications, his medical bills pile up to 250,000 euros which translates to roughly $269,000 in American dollars. Hard times have definitely fallen on the German rapper.

    He Refuses To Give Up

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    Furthermore, Dr. Knarf has refused to give up and continues to push on. During an exclusive interview, the rapper and music producer explained that he’s been saving files for a research facility since 2019. Dr. Knarf may have ruined his life in a matter of moments, but he’s using the accident to help better himself.

    We’re rooting for the German rapper to achieve more success in the future.

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