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    50 Cent Is Out For Blood While Teairra Mari Is Trolling

    Curtis Jackson is one that’s not to be played with. However, the reality tv star Teairra Mari is surely for all the games.

    For well over four months the larger than life rapper has been known as the troll of social media. Regardless of how small, or insignificant it is 50 Cent is just that petty. Since the days of “Show you how to rob”, the Jamaica-Queens rapper has always been one to create controversy. In his earlier days, he would start beef with rappers just for the fun of it. Despite not being a focus on music as much, the business mogul still has the time to entertain people on Instagram.

    50 Cent Teairra Mari

    Above all, the “I Get Money” rapper may have found another heavyweight titan that can entertain as well. Love & Hip-hop LA star Teairra Mari is sending a message to good old fifty. Previous Teairra Mari was ordered to pay 50 Cent $30K by a judge. Late last year Mr. Jackson shared clips of a leaked sextape of Mari on his social media. Her ex by the name of Akbar Abdul-Ahad is the main culprit that was responsible for the leak. Since the judgment, the reality star has made every excuse in the book not to pay the businessman.

    Above all, yesterday things went to another level when Teairra decided to create some humor of her own. She took to Instagram to show a staged act of trying to complete a transaction due to her ongoing issues with finances. Despite people taking it as a laugh, the G-Unit CEO took offense to the video clip.

    ¨The Law, is The Law. You little dirt bag, and what did you do to your ass. 😳🤭,” adding “I want my money before that sh*t she shot in her butt go’s into her blood stream.”

    The rapper has been known for going hard at people with little to no chill. Recently he has spoken out against racism with luxury brands like Gucci. He’s even roasted former friend Floyd Mayweather Jr. over his decision to still support racist brands. He also got into a verbal altercation with Randall Emmett over money being owed just this past weekend.

    Will 50 Cent ever stop being petty? Will, he ever get his money?

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