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    Amber Rose Gives Her Support To Jill And The Big Dicks!!

    Most recently Philly Neo Soul singer “Jill Scott” put on quite the show.

    The beautiful luscious lady showed off her not so innocent side while on stage. The gestures of an enlarged penis being portrayed with her microphone sent the Twitter world ablaze. Many men and women unleashed there creative and humorous side when it came to the memes.

    As of lately the world of bigger women has been something that’s been addressed on a global scale. Models that represent the fuller shape women is something that is no longer hidden but embraced on a national scale.

    One thing for sure is that Jill Scott has always put on a great show for her audience. Her brief example of oral sex with the mic lead to other sexual icons to give their two cents. Amber Rose, a former Philly exotic dancer turned businesswoman proudly supported Jilly From Philly. The Slutwalk founder has been known to openly talk about her sexuality


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