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    YG Gives Back To The Community With Designer Sneakers

    Often times a HipHop artist’s charitable efforts go unnoticed. The media focuses more on the good deeds of stars like Angelina Jolie and Keanu Reeves. Rarely do they document the charitable nature of rap and HipHop artists. Frankly, it’s time to change that narrative. Recently, rapper YG donated to his community by offering ex-inmates designer sneakers. Rather than using the charitable event as a marketing ploy, the rapper simply did it out of the kindness of his heart.

    YG Pays It Forward With Designer Sneakers

    designer sneakers
    via XXL Mag

    It’s not everyday that we hear a HipHop artists paying it forward. Though, rap star YG makes it a point to give back to his community whenever possible. This past Friday, the Compton rapper spoke with TMZ about his latest charity stunt. Furthermore, he donated designer sneakers to ex-inmates residing at the Los Angeles Amity Foundation House. Though, these weren’t just any ordinary ex-prisoners. They’d been granted a second chance after facing life in prison. The 31-year-old rapper greeted the inmates with an encouraging “Welcome home.” Throughout the interaction with the prisoners, he passed out the latest colorway “Block Runner” sneakers, the second edition. That’s one expensive donation.

    YG Donated To The Community

    designer sneakers
    via NBC News

    YG maybe one of the biggest rap stars in the rap community right now. Not only that, but he’s also a huge businessman. The guy loves a good deal. Though, he’s not always in “beast mode.” The “BIG BANK” rapper has a soft spot for his community. During his interview with TMZ, the rapper revealed that his latest charity stunt had been simply to give back to the community. “And I feel like I just wanna give back to the people. I want to shine some light on the people,” he told TMZ. While YG makes sure to share his fortunes with the community.

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