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    Why Are Millennials Replacing Religion With Astrology?

    From moon signs to rising signs to mars being in retrograde, its no secret astrology is taking over the minds of millennials.

    Nowhere does the modern rise of spiritual manifestation start no other than the internet. Popular internet user such as Morgan Lynzi constantly feeds us daily doses of wellness, ways to manifest, meditation and of course, astrology.

    Astrology is a belief system founded on the idea of human life on earth and is constantly being influenced by constellations of the stars. The phenomenon is not a new one, it dates back to ancient times. The last peak of interest was during the New Age movement in the 60s. People during this time were trying to achieve a new state of love and light through personal transformation and healing. With hazy times now with us having to deal with political stress and social inequality. Astrology is now seeming to be the reassurance we need.

    With cultural movements and trends, it’s only so long until the fashion world starts catching onto the new wave. In 2018 at Fashion Week, a large range of designers from Versace to Givenchy showed astrology movement some love. Givenchy started adapting zodiac symbols into their jewelry due to the high interest surrounding it. 

    We now live in the age of technological advancement. This explains our desire for something majestic. The mere thought that everything — from science to politics to human interaction — is based on realistic explanation. We want life to be unexpected, surprising, mystical and comforting all at once, and maybe that’s what astrology offers us. Essentially, it allows us to connect and give an explanation for any event.

    Whether it’s just a trend or truly a belief, we can all agree that essentially acts as an escape from our everyday lives. In an era corrupted by Trump, racism, sexism, and homophobia, what’s the harm in finding condolence in the stars?

    Thoughts? Do you believe millennials are replacing religion with astrology? Do you believe millennials are moving away from western norms?


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