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    What you Missed During the Presidential Debate

    There were a lot of ups and downs during the final face-off between Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. Here are just a few highlights of what you may have missed during the presidential debate.


    1. Moderator Kristen Welker: Presidential debate Moderator, Kristen Welker was the clear winner if you ask viewers. For people who do not know, Kristen Welker is the first Black Woman To Moderate A Presidential Debate Since 1992. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Welker graduated from Harvard in 1998. In 2011, Welker became NBC’s White House Correspondent and was promoted to co-anchor of NBC show Weekend Today. Welker was praised on social media for how to effectively handled both candidates and kept them in line by controlling the conversation.


    1. Muted Mics: The Presidential Debates Commission clearly learned their lesson the second time around. For the first time ever, during this round of debate, Candidates’ microphones were muted during each other’s’ allotted two minutes. The muting of microphones, was not done by the moderator, but instead a member of the production crew who works for the Commission on Presidential Debates.


    1. Both Candidates kept their cool: In comparison to the last debate, it was far less controversial. Mostly attacks on both sides regarding each other’s character. Another major topic of discussion was the coronavirus. Each side detailed what they would do differently during this global pandemic.

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