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    What The Future Of Wedding Fashion Means For Future Families

    The Modern Wedding and the Dress

    As the wedding industry continues to experience a record breaking number of soon-to-be-married couples, the changes that have been made to wedding fashion become increasingly apparent. Most obviously, same-sex marriage was legalized in 2014. But, there have also been other examples of fashion for brides and grooms becoming less traditional like when fashion label Off-White custom-designed Hailey Bieber’s “Wedding Dress”.

    A Chance at Love

    For those who view the children as a family’s future, this can be seen as a positive trend. In 2019, Gary G. Garcia watched his daughter, Jasmine, get married in a destination wedding at Disney World. Garcia recalls his biggest concern with his daughter’s wedding being the cost of travel it took to get there. “I was like, you can’t get married in New York?” gripes Garcia.

    The former rapper turned comedian remembers his own wedding, which took place right in his neighborhood, to be a more toned-down affair. “We had a dope *** limo, but it was my boy’s limo. So, it was kind of hooked up. It was real ghetto chic.” Garcia admits he never expected for his daughter to get married at the entertainment complex, but he agrees that it was the perfect location for his Disney-obsessed daughter’s wedding day to take place. Garcia exclaims, “He proposed to her there too! In the [Cinderella Castle]”.

    Planning The Fairy-tale Wedding

    Mrs. Jasmine Summerford put her experience as a former event planner to use. “I had in mind what I wanted [for my dress]. I did a lot of research and looking online which helped make the process easier. My dress had lace off the shoulder straps–that really added to the fairy-tale flare, which I loved. And the cool part was they were removable, so for the reception I was able to take ’em off wave my hands in the air! And party like I just don’t care!”

    She encourages brides who are reluctant to stick up for their own ideas, “Getting married is a celebration. It’s rare to find something genuine and true in this world now a days. And if you do it the right way, it’s a once in a lifetime occasion. Do it the way you want. The way you always imagined it.”

    While high divorce rates have left so many cynical, Garcia believes in the love his daughter shares with her now-husband. “They’re an amazing couple to watch.” Garcia continues, “It’s a love to be envied.” Follow Gary and Jasmine on Instagram to see more of their content! @GaryGGarcia and @JasmineSummerford respectively.


    1. “A love to be envied.”
      The worldly notions of marriage have led us all into a pit full of brilliant lies, which have resulted in a sky high divorce rate. Sad but true. Instead of teaching kindergarteners about gender 7 race, let’s teach them healthy communication skills; let’s help them deal with the unseen, unresolved, ever present inner generational trauma that sets people up for relationship failure. Let’s teach the youth the truth… how about that?!

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