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    WATCH: Yung Pinch’s “Smoke & Drive” Is A Sweet Weezer Remix

    Pinch, Blackbear, and P-Lo released the track “Smoke & Drive” back in January. So It’s about time we got a video!

    It is, of course, a sample of Weezer’s “Island In The Sun“. The West coast artist’s music video is mostly comprised of him with his friends in cars, palm trees, and at the Los Angeles beach. The video was directed by Chris Simmons. It has a low-quality look that makes it seem old-fashioned and visually compelling. Blackbear’s singing perfectly synchronizes with Pinch’s edgy rhymes.

    Notable Lyrics

    Light up and smoke this, don’t fuck with that old shit, aye
    Westside where my coast lives, we stay right by the ocean
    Where the parties be so lit, smoke tree in the open
    Keep a bad one from Oakland, she stay talkin’ the most shit, aye


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