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    Watch: FHAT – “Pleasure”

    After the release of their first single ‘Pleasure’ FHAT are serving a short film, with the ‘Pleasure’ music video! starring Chewing Gum Star Olisa Odele! The queer electronic R&B duo continues to deliver exquisite decadence with a brilliant visual to go with their first single ‘Pleasure’. The duo comments on their song and video: “The video is a celebration of acceptance, a
    reminder to let your true colors shine.

    A timeless gem of acceptance. Come inside the Pleasure room. Feel free to be yourself. What’s your pleasure?” The ‘Pleasure’ short is here, starring Olisa Odele from the UK T.V. show Chewing Gum. The FHAT boys – Sedric and Aaron – bring you a three-minute time warp into the life of a man yearning to just be himself.

    In a world that begs us to hide our truest selves, Lawrence (Olisa Odele) keeps his secret pleasures hidden from the world, behind a red door locked away in his apartment. This pleasure room allows him to escape from the norms of his mundane life.

    This film is a reflection of how it feels to grow up different; a glimpse at what it feels like to grow up queer, disabled, outcast, artistic or minority. This video challenges you to be yourself. Everyone has a voice. Everyone has a weird side – maybe even a fetish. We invite you to a glimpse of knowing that pleasure from Lawrence’s point of view.
    Pleasure has been featured in Fresh Finds, Out Now, Poptronix and more on Spotify!

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