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    UFC Dana White Spills The Beans About Tom Brady And The Raiders

    UFC owner Dana White reveals details about the connections between the Las Vegas Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. In an alternate scenario, the Raiders had the opportunity to have Brady and Gronk on their team alongside a skilled roster. Meanwhile, two seasons ago, Brady and the Buccaneers convincingly defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Essentially, former Raiders coach Jon Gruden played a significant role in the Buccaneers’ two championship victories.

    Raiders owner Mark Davis shared his thoughts on the matter when Dana White and Rob Gronkowski gained significant attention on Twitter. Davis was present at a WNBA playoff game on Saturday, indicating that he was unaware of the streaming activity at that time. However, Davis became aware of it during the event. White disclosed his involvement in a deal aimed at bringing Brady and Gronk to Las Vegas in the 2020 season, as reported by Josh Alper for NBC Sports.

    Raiders Missing out on Tom Brady

    White highlighted the near-completion of the deal to secure Gronk and Brady. However, Gruden unexpectedly disrupted the agreement during its final hours, forever changing the course of history.

    “It was nearly finalized,” White emphasized.

    When asked about the situation, Davis couldn’t recall much of it. He vaguely remembers the conversations and discussions but appears strangely unfamiliar with the specifics.

    “I heard about White’s comments,” Davis stated, as reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “That was like two or three years ago, right? I don’t really know, to be honest. You should talk to Dana. What I do recall is Tom Brady going to Tampa Bay. That’s pretty much it. I have no clue. Dana has all the details. I have great respect for Dana; he’s an excellent promoter. Why would this bother me? I was occupied watching the Raiders triumph over Miami 15-13 and enjoying the basketball game.”

    It is reasonable to assume that the owner of a football team, given the opportunity to acquire players like Brady and Gronkowski, would be informed about the outcome. Gronkowski confirmed the story during the broadcast. Gruden ignored the questions from the paper, and there is no indication of any effort to reach out to former General Manager Mike Mayock for additional information. Therefore, it is likely that information regarding the Raiders’ side of the story will be limited for now.

    Why is This Such a Big Deal?

    In LeBron James’ show, The Shop, he expressed his dissatisfaction with a quarterback and coach who hesitated to sign him. At that time, it was unclear who he was referring to, but with the recent news, many speculate that he was talking about Raiders QB Derek Carr.

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