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    Truth Hurts: The World Has To Keep Up With Lizzo’s Biggest Hits

    As the recent host and musical guest of an episode of SNL, Lizzo totally showcases her dramatic abilities. The singer was introduced by her mother before singing her new song, “Special”. Lizzo’s track features lyrics like, “I’m used to feelin’ alone, oh/So, I thought that I’d let you know/In case nobody told you today, you’re special!”

    Although not strictly a hip-hop artist, Lizzo is for sure an entrepreneur of self-love. She is currently hosting an Amazon Prime reality show about dance. Lizzo is something of an activist for big and Black (and both) women in dance. Lizzo spoke in a TED talk about the cultural appropriation of twerking. She feels it is her responsibility to educate people on where entertainment comes from.

    “Look, everything Black people create, like fashion, music, and even our way of speaking, gets taken and used by pop culture,” the singer explained. “That’s why being optimistic can feel like a false hope for Black people in America.”


    In her TED talk, Lizzo acknowledged the Miley Cyrus’ twerking debut on her 2010 album BangerzLizzo points out how this oddly coincided with the debut of her 2010 album Lizzobangers. Lizzo is real and honest enough to acknowledge how Miley borrowing from Black culture inspired larger audiences to embrace Lizzo’s entertainment value.

    Lizzo also recently nailed the Gilded Glamour “assignment” at the Met Gala 2022. In addition to her elegant attire, her flute playing suited the glossy theme wonderfully. The time-period, with its famously common-place “bustle” silhouette, reflects the shared values and similar rear-end oriented BBL preoccupations of modern-day culture.

    And yet, strikingly few celebrities referenced the iconic trend of the Gilded Age. How are the socialites and celebrity influencers of today so fashion-illiterate? Twerking has become mainstream, but the opportunity to emphasize the cyclical nature of fashion was inconveniently, no pun intended, half-assed.

    With chart topping singles and Tik Tok trends abounding, this contemporary artist takes the gold in a league all to her own. Who knows what Lizzo will surprise us with next in 2022, but we be be sure she will serve it with authentic realness. Lizzo knows who she is and what she represents, and she is willing to stay honoring her beauty regardless of the fashion of the day. Lizzo understood the assignment because she understands culture and how fashion influences (and is influenced) by it.


    1. I have grown to really love Lizzo and her platform!”
      She is in no way “half assed” like you mentioned (pun intended).

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