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    Trevor Daniel Drops His New EP ‘Homesick’

    Trevor Daniel began as a bedroom musician that now has since reached more than 20 million people. Based in Houston, the singer’s music is a gestalt of his influences. He is a fan of that 808’s Kanye-Drake-Cudi wave, Y2K Techno, and his city’s Chopped & Screwed trademark. With the voice, the melodic production, and heartfelt songwriting, Trevor thrives. The first act signed to Taz Taylor’s Internet Money Records broadcasts his life in sound and verse.

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    Expressing his lovelorn lyrics with silky smooth vocals, Houston’s Trevor Daniel is the ideal canvas for Taz Taylor and Internet Money‘s ambitious productions. Sharing a five-pack of yearning and emotionally open tracks, Trevor Daniel shares Homesick, his debut mixtape. Showcasing his stark and plaintive singing-style, Trevor Daniel exhibits the makings of a future star, stretching syllables to increase the emotional impact of his dramatic and romantic lyrics, and using his expert sense of rhythm to give his love songs a conversational quality: “Tryna roll over, see ya face in the morning/You can wear my shirt when it’s cold if you want to/Still got me feeling like the first time I saw you,” he sings on EP highlight “For You.” Throughout the tape, Trevor has an excellent co-pilot in Taz Taylor, who gifts Daniel with expansive and lush backing tracks, offering ear-catching counter-melodies with flecks of guitar or chiming bells, filling out the low-end with cavernous swaths of bass synths, and spurring forward momentum with his expert command of hi-hats and 808s. Featuring the recent single Falling,” premiered last week by ComplexHomesick EP arrives via Internet Money Records/Alamo/Interscope.

    Check out the EP above. In other music news, Calum Scott & Vevo Team Up To Celebrate #NationalComingOutDay.

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