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    Travis Scott Nearly Got His Ass Beat For Postponing In Tulsa

    The end of 2018 allowed Travis Scott to finally rise to the status of Drake, Meek Mill, and Nicki Minaj.

    Tough Break

    The Houston rapper truly made a name for himself with the release of Astroworld. His mainstream success, and hit single “Sicko Mode” topped the charts! Yet, Cardi B walked away with the Grammy for Best Album. In other words, even though he didn’t get the win, we look forward to what Scott will be dropping in 2019.

    The Elephant In The Room

    But, Scott’s decisions are not sitting too well with other African American celebrities at the moment. Most recently, the rapper decided to perform at the Superbowl, which has gained backlash after a racially charged dispute. Nick Cannon said Travis Scott ain’t here for black culture. After that, it was made clear that T.I. ain’t fucking with Travis Scott over the Superbowl either. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Scott isn’t the most popular kid on the block at the moment.

    Melee In Tulsa

    But, the Superbowl was just the beginning of Travis Scott’s problems. In addition, another blow came on Monday. The rapper announced that he had to postpone his concert in Tulsa, OK. Apparently, ongoing technical production issues were the culprit of the canceled event. The announcement came just two hours shy of the event. After that,  The Bok Center posted atweet that the event would be rescheduled for March 26th.  Therefore, the crowd turned aggressive and attempted to take the matter into their own hands. However, cops arrived on the scene to calm the melee that was sure to erupt. Let’s just say that the crowd was certainly ready for Travis Scott to get his ass beat.

    But be honest, what do you all believe? Who would you like Scott to collaborate within the New Year?

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