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    Top 10 Stylish Black-Owned Handbags For Summer 2022

    Choosing your Black-Owned Handbag

    Black-owned brands seem like a dime in a dozen, particularly Black-owned handbag brands. With summer around the corner, pockets are waiting to be emptied for the sake of fashion. Fashion is an investment, and the proper investment can go a long way in terms of your external style and internal peace, which is why many desire to prioritize the minority dollar.This is why HypeFresh has curated a list of Black-owned handbag designers worth the investment.

    1. Cise

    Changing the world one bag at a time. The Cise aims to use its proceeds to strengthen the Black dollar. Cise has a variety of selections, from the more traditional tote bag to statement pieces. Check out this sustainable and affordable Black-owned brand if you prioritize charity.

    Blake Van Putten CISE Protect Black Women Launch - black-owned handbag


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    2. ASHYA

    If you are looking for a modern-contemporary Black-owned handbag that will have you standing out, look no further. Ashya is a brand like no other; co-founded by American & Jamaican design duo Ashley Cimone and Moya Annece, they have curated bags that are simple but luxurious.


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    2. Homage Year

    Imagination is key to this Black-owned business. These handbags are otherworldly and quite bold. Their slogan ‘Good Quality, Bad Company’ implies that they curate longevity items, which is hard to find in 2022. Check out this brand if you want to make a statement.


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    3. Okapi

    Okapi handbags are a combo of high-end meet sustainability. Named after the ‘African Unicorn, ‘ Okapi’s motto is based on farm-to-table fashion and the prioritization of social empowerment. These luxury bags are locally sourced from Cape Town and definitely give popular brands like Fendi a run for their money.

    Okapi — IA Connect | Industrie Africa, black-owned handbag


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    4. WANT Les Essentials

    Simplicity is key when it comes to these bags. The gender-neutral brand curates items that are versatile and durable. This is the perfect brand if you are on the hunt for a bag or tote that pairs well with anything.


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    5. Ree Projects

    Elegant meets modern art are the core of the bags. Ree project handbags are luxury-driven items that fit the 2022 aesthetic. Add one of these pieces to a simple or flamboyant outfit for an effortlessly rich vibe.

    6. AAKS

    Your closet isn’t fully summer-proof without a handcrafted purse. AAKS bags are handcrafted in Ghana and illustrate the bright colors of Africa. Its mission is to preserve artisan culture, especially weaving as an art form. Add this sustainable and exuberant brand to your summer must-haves.

    Black-owned handbag - aaks basket bags Promotions


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    7. Peju Obsa

    This Eco-friendly crochet brand will satiate your crochet cravings. With crochet/knitwear being one of the most popular trends for summer 2022, Peju Obsa’s bags are perfect for adding to your wardrobe. Check out these fun and vibrant bags for the summer.


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    8. Cheyenne Kimora

    Cheyenne Kimora is the perfect ‘stunt bag.’ The ‘blunt bag’ is perfect to wear for different occasions, from Instagram stunts to casual IRL ones. These mini glam bags are tacky and bold enough to make the perfect summer 2022 statement piece.

    9. Mifland

    If you are looking for a traditional leather bag with a twist, Mifland is for you. This avant-garde-Esque brand handmakes all its items and prioritizes color scheme and design. These Blackk-owned handbags are dope because they come in various shapes and sizes.


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    10. Telfar

    You cannot call yourself a trendsetter without a Telfar. The most coveted item of this generation is a Telfar bag. These bags are not only gender-neutral but well-made. The longevity mixed with the luxury-made design is why it’s considered a more affordable Birkin. Check out the new color for the summer 2022 season.

    The Fashion Set Can't Get Enough of These 7 Telfar Bags | Who What Wear


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    Which one of these Black-owned handbags best suits your style?

    Fashion Tip

    Do not let the color or shape of the bag scare you. Try something just a bit out of your comfort zone. Accessories are great because you can always dull it down with your outfit, no matter how extravagant. Think of it this way: best dressed, always take risks.


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