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    Alexander Wang’s Edgy Campaign Features Celebrity Lookalikes

    Alexander Wang has made a bold move with the launch of his new campaign. The famous designer has realized the power of celebrities, but he has decided not to go the traditional way. Rather than hiring the real celebrities and paying them, Wang has opted for their lookalikes from Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Kylie Jenner for his new campaign for the Ricco bag.

    The campaign, well-promoted, showcases these celebrity doppelgängers posing with the black crossbody bag. The studded-bottom Ricco bag with the embossed “Alexander Wang” logo strap is the highlight of the advertisements.The video campaign starts with a lookalike of Grande opening the Ricco bag. The scene then shifts to other impersonators, including those of Swift and Jenner, followed by a Beyoncé double. Each celebrity doppelgänger is seen flaunting the black crossbody bag, complete with a studded bottom.

    The official Instagram account for Alexander Wang captioned the video campaign as “100 percent certified authentic,” leaving the idea that the brand is still focused on authenticity and originality. Philosophically, though, the campaign has been met with mixed responses from both fans and critics alike.

    The use of lookalikes gives an element of mystery and intrigue to this campaign. It is unclear if this is a real strategy or simply a cost-effective strategy. In any case, it has built buzz and people are talking. The campaign uses doppelgängers to simulate celebrity presence, which creates intrigue and conversation within the fashion world.

    The Ricco bag is a new design from Alexander Wang based on the original Rocco bag, which was launched in 2009. Crafted in “primal” lambskin leather, the Ricco bag shares the original Rocco’s edgy sensibility with textured leather and the brand’s have-to-have-it signature trapezoidal-shaped studs. The hardware has been rejiggered in aluminum, making the 30% lighter than the ponderous Rocco. The bag is available in $850 and $1,050 small and medium sizes, respectively. The bag can be worn crossbody or as a shoulder bag, and is adorned with two logo-embossed straps. The medium flap bag is feature-filled with a twill-lined main compartment, a laptop compartment.

    This campaign represents Wang’s inventive way of marketing, where it also often collaborates with celebrities, as in previous campaigns and initiatives. It’s a curious yet sparse design that dares to defy to a guttural extent the status quo. It’s the ultimate dichotomy of form and function. The bag could be purchased via the Alexander Wang official website.

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