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    TikTok Comedian Boogie B Killed While Holiday Shopping With Grandmother

    Brandon “Boogie B” Montrell has been shot dead by a stray bullet while out grocery shopping with his grandmother in New Orleans. The incident occurred inside a parked car on December 23. The TikTok comedian is known for his historical segments about his hometown. Boogie had recently moved to Los Angeles and was visiting home for the holidays. The stray nature of the bullet has been confirmed by the artist’s mother, Sherilyn Price. She says Boogie B is, “the victim of decades of neglect”.


    @comedianboogiebofficial GENTILLY ⚜️NEW ORLEANS HOOD HISTORY LESSON #gentilly #neworleans #hoodhistory #lesson #Louisiana #history #Nola #fypage #Letmestressyouout #ComedianBoogieB #usa🇺🇸 ♬ original sound – comedianboogieb

    His final video has left other TikTok stars, like Te-Erika, haunted. As a fellow content creator currently based in New Orleans, she too wonders when her last post will be.

    @te_erika New Orleans History Influencer and comedian Boogie B was ki!!ed yesterday. @comedianboogieb rest in peace #neworleans #hoodhistorian #rip #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Te-Erika


    1. May he rest in peace. How sad. I guess grandma must have been in the store grocery shopping while this tragedy took place? Imagine being in her shoes…. stepping outside the store into the parking lot where she has to witness what has just taken place with her beloved grandson. How awful and right before Christmas!

      Sherilyn Price, Boogie B’s mother, said “He was the victim of decades of neglect.”

      Sadly, this “neglect” is part of a larger agenda that many people of color (including Native Americans) are aware of. I am still waiting for the other segments of society to wake up to this reality… Hint: Study the obituaries listed in the previous 18 months.

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